The shopping trail

Since I came back from Madrid, I’ve been sharing my life in Rotterdam with my international friends. This time I want to share my Christmas shopping adventures with all of you through my blog.

For the holidays, I went Christmas shopping in Madrid. I picked stores from different corners in Rotterdam, to find the most exclusive gifts. Mind you that I’ve never visited these places before, at least not by bike. Exploring cities can really only be done through one way, no matter how great my navigation skills: not finding what you are looking for, finding something else instead.


elle aime 

Google Maps made me zigzag through a lot of tiny streets in the north of Rotterdam, until I found this gem of a street, Zwanenhals, literally translated ‘Swans neck’. A little note in the window read: “Closed. Maybe visit HOND at this and this address?” The instructions were clear and I entered a sweet pop-up with a dog, which is what hond means in Dutch. A lot of trouble to pet a dog? Perhaps, but I got my gift and set out to explore more. 


Along an abandoned train rail I found Station Bergweg. Follow the train rail as shops underneath have started to pop up. imag1739

Years ago, still in high school, I was working on a project about street art. This wall changes from time to time and I love the way it looks right now.


When I first went here, the spaces were open from one side to the other, the floor laid bare in concrete and it was clearly temporary. Now, the place is in excellent shape, with cafés and an Interior Design  shop.


Discovering the road to elle aime which was closed, led me on a trail of finding other shops. Who knows what I’ll discover when I set out to explore West and Kop van Zuid?


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