New adventure

A city of trendy ecological diners, of innovative museums and of multicultural supermarkets. A street of vintage shops and of nightclubs. A city that is as diverse as I have ever seen. It is the city of Rotterdam.

For half a year, I have lived in Madrid and now it is time for my next adventure. It is not far from family and from friends, in fact, my roots are in this city and yet I do not even know how to pronounce the names of the neighbourhoods. So I have set out to explore this city that generations of my family have lived in and now… so will I.

Rotterdam is great for those interested in culture. You might have heard of Boijmans van Beuningen and perhaps visited Kunsthal next door. Just a few minutes away is Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art… and this is where I am doing my internship at PR & Communication.

This internship has already given me a few oppurtunities that I otherwise would not have had, like visiting the VIP Preview of the Unseen Photo Fair at Amsterdam and (briefly) meeting the director of Museum Voorlinden, which is a new museum in the Netherlands that has just opened.

The week before, I attended the opening of the Fall exhibitions (on the left) and Kunstavond, an art evening that takes place every Friday where all the art institutions around that street are open for free from 6 to 9 pm (on the right).

So far, you can imagine, it has been the adventure I have been hoping for. Still, there is so much more to discover and I will make sure to tell you all about it in my next blog posts.



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