Last friend over

DSC03989Parque de Atracciones

DSC04044DSC04045DSC0403913323169_960907910685800_8222727715744814061_oPhoto by Izzy13320386_962085097234748_3203986985979100087_o
Edited by Izzy

Segway with Segway Trip Tours

My friend Froukje challenged me to go on a segway tour. I admit, I was skeptical. And anxious about my clumsiness. However, the guided tour we took to Casa de Campo had the best guide ever with very clear instructions and a keen eye to our needs. He adapted the tour to us and we were even shown a little place that usually wasn’t included in the tour, but as we adapted to the segways really quickly we were very lucky to see it.

DSC04083DSC04078Palacio Real

My friend visited Madrid for five days, which gave us a lot of time to explore and for me to do new things… In here, but I suppose everywhere, there are always new experiences waiting to be discovered. I went to the attraction park.I used to go to an attraction park every year but these new attractions were thrilling again. Like going straight up and launch down, but then upside down. Or have a real life ‘Walking Dead Experience’. Or visit Toledo a second time and see the synagogue, the Roman baths and the bridge. To walk on top of old city walls that were askew, crumbling and without fences… To visit a ruin of a building with amazing graffiti and the river going underneath it. It has been such an adventure with my friend, whenever we strayed off the known ways and delved into the unknown (but luckily, not the river). As my final days are slowly approaching, I’m really happy I got to spend some of them in this way with my friend and also share these happy moments together with my other Erasmus friends. You can’t imagine how much more we did, which I didn’t get to photograph. But I will never forget those memories …

and I bet nobody that ever visited Madrid did will either.

P.S. Next week I’m visiting Barcelona, so you know to tune in for my next blog post!


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