Another trip: Valencia


Valencia is on the east coast of Spain, south of Barcelona. As a Dutchie and Georgie as an Australian girl, we are used to beaches and we had to visit Valencia’s beach. It was a well-needed break before exams started coming up. Basically, CityLife was sold out and spontaneously we bought tickets as late as Friday to go on Sunday.

The trip was just 22 euros by SmartInsiders. There was an optional programming, but we preferred to just go of on our own. We just took naps on the beach in between our refreshing dives. As it was the first nice day after a rainy week (much into contrast with the Netherlands, I believe, where newspapers bragged about how it was even warmer than in Spain), we completely forgot to bring sunscreen. I can’t recall any time I got sunburned… Except here in Spain (not too badly, though). The sunscreen season has begun.

We ordered paella Valenciana at the beach restaurant Cerveceria Freiduria San Patricio and it took around two hours for our order to get there. We tried to ask about it, but you know, we didn’t speak Spanish and they didn’t speak English so that didn’t work out too well. People next to us also took a long time to get the check… So maybe, maybe, stay clear of that place as I wouldn’t recommend it.

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As SmartInsiders had given us a map (thanks!), we found out where to take the tram and then continued to walk to the Plaza de la Reina, a beautiful scare with the cathedral where we met up with Georgie’s roommate and her friend from Valencia. It must be amazing to be an Erasmus student in Valencia, too!

We walked along this park surrounding Valencia that leads to the modern part of Valencia. It was supposed to take 45 minutes, but it took us over an hour and so we arrived a little bit too late for the bus (sorry!). Luckily, the bus was delayed…

The architecture in the old city is amazing and just as astonishing is the modern architecture. There is a HUGE museum of Arts and Sciences and an aquarium. I so recommend you to go there for a weekend. I might even come back for a weekend in the future. Spain just keeps amazing me…

My next blog will be about my parents’ second visit!



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