Events: Pinta Malasana + Documenta Madrid

Pinta Malasaña

Events are one of the most delightful experiences in my Erasmus adventure. The touristic hotspots will always be there, but events pop up once a year, or once in a lifetime, and I’m there to witness them in full glory. One of the events I visited is Pinta Malasaña, a street art festival. I’m really happy my friend Alba is as interested in art as I am and that she told me about this event! Some may know I did a high school essay on street art. I thought it was interesting that whole doors got painted in white for the artists to work on and that it was so very organised and legalised. As was expected, most of these amazing artworks were painted over by tags the next day. And I don’t know enough about the history of Malasaña, but I’ve heard it has been gentrified and well, if you paint over the tags, I can imagine your artwork is going to be painted over, too. However interesting this debate might be, the festival was enjoyable.


Alba also showed me Tabacalera, a kind of culture hotspot. A lot of street art was visible here and it was accompanied with a strong smell of pot. I know weed here is almost as common in the Netherlands, even though it’s legal (tolerated) in the Netherlands.

In the afternoon, I went back to the festival with Kübra, who vlogged about our afternoon.
We also went to Temple Debod to see the sunset, but it got cold so we went before the sky turned pink (my favourite part of the sunset).

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On the 24th of April, Kübra and me went to Retiro for a Big Picnic by MADlife Madrid.

On the 29th of April, Kübra and I went to the Documenta Madrid. It was another festival, this time about… you guessed it… documentaries. I take a class in documentaries, so my teacher told me about this. Also, Alba helped me to find out how to get tickets and where to go. It was at Matadero, a former slaughterhouse turned contemporary art centre. The architecture is amazing. Of course there was a Q&A with the filmmaker. The documentary we saw was ‘35 y soltera‘, or ’35 and single’. It was a lot of fun and very insightful.


On Saturday, I tried to go to the Faro de Moncloa, a panoramic viewing point. There was a long queue so we couldn’t manage to get in before closing time. So get there somewhere in the middle of the day, not in the evening, to be sure to get in!

On Sunday, Oriha (a Japanese classmate) let me try her gâteau au chocolat after visiting Temple Debod at sunset, where I finally got to see the pink sky.

Deze slideshow heeft JavaScript nodig.

I also went out to Mondo, which so far is my favourite due to the music, the friendly bartenders and the chill crowd. But I must say like 75% was probably high, so I’m still trying to find that perfect club before I leave.

P.S. I uploaded a video a week ago with some footage from my mobile phone. It might be a nice addition to the more static photographs and descriptions I give here!


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