Another friend over


Ellen came to visit me! She was the first one to say she’d visit me- even before my parents said they would!


We went to some of the main highlights such as El Retiro, Plaza Mayor and Temple Debod. If you have someone visit Madrid… you can’t really let them miss out on that.

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However, much of the fun of having a friend over is exploring the city WITH them as well! I went to Reina Sofia before, but I’m very VERY slow with museums, so I didn’t see a lot yet. As my fellow cultural studies student, she was just as enthusiastic about the museum as I was.

Another place I’d never visited before, was Cibeles. The mirador is 2 euros and the collections are free.

We also enjoyed the food and drinks. We ate at Lateral, my all-time favourite, but I also had breakfast at Ojala for the first time. I took her to LeFiebre as well and we enjoyed nargile (which is what we mistakenly call shisha) with my fellow Erasmus students.

I also had gambas for 5 euros at the food market in La Latina. Hmm! And we went to San Anton. And we found an American store. And we went out to Joy for the first time.

So, most of all, I really want to thank my friend for visiting me, it was incredibly nice to share Madrid with you!

P.S. I haven’t blogged in a long time and it was because I can’t upload the pictures from my camera. No worries, I will solve this problem soon enough and I have a few new blogs coming up.


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