Third trip: Aranjuez

It’s officially spring. Where do you go in spring? That’s right, to the most beautiful park you can find. Retiro might be a good choice, but I like exploring and so I went to Aranjuez.
This might be a meaningless name to you, but to me it’s the destination of the train that always leaves five minutes before my train. This means that I might have accidentally got into this train before, only to rush out when the doors were almost closing when I realized I was in the wrong train. Oops!

The name got me really curious and a quick Google search showed that it’s actually an amazing place. That’s why the train is always so packed. And the train to Parla is not (although I haven’t Googled it yet, so who knows…).

What’s so amazing about it? Well, they have a palace. And an amazing park. With a museum of royal rowing boats (Museo Faluas Reales), Casa del Labrador and more.

Besides, the train is free with the abono joven (public transport card for students)! It’s a great trip to follow up any expensive trips (say, Andalucía, for example).

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