First parents’ visit

My parents came to visit! They arrived at Friday in the afternoon. We went to Puerta del Sol, because to me, it’s kind of the heart of Madrid. Perhaps Malasaña and La Latina have more soul, but it’s similar to how people use the sun to navigate themselves and Sol not uncoincidentally translates to sun. Sol is my sun.

I showed them a few places, like Plaza Mayor, Gran Vía and of course, the view from El Corte Inglés. Maybe my highlight was to eat those cookies that look like flowers. Does anyone know what they are called? Anyways, we were amazed, because they seem really thick and mighty. Actually, they were made of some kind of crispy dough and they aren’t one big chunk. Definitely try them when you get here. They have them with sugar or with chocolate. We ordered them at my favourite square, Plaza de Jacinto Benavente.

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We visited the Palacio Real. It was quite busy, but a musician was playing alongside the line and the people at the desk are very fast. It was well worth the ‘adult’ price my parents had to pay, instead of my usual student fee. For the first time I visited San Anton, the foodmarket that’s definitely worth a visit. I got my lovely pimientos de padrón as well.

Chueca was also new for me. My mom asked if we could go there. It’s fun when people visit me, because for them it’s a holiday. Us Erasmus student live and study here, so we don’t go full tourist 24/7. And my tourist visitors bring great tips and new perspectives to the city. Like how they are so friendly here, when everyone stands still on the right on the escalators and how everyone waits for people to step out of the metro. Or the fact that my mom is a vegetarian and it made me aware of all these nice vegetarian places.

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El Rastro was a first for me, too. It’s a flea market in La Latina, every Sunday. I believe it was from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., but don’t pin me down on it.

Unfortunately, Monday came sooner than I wanted it to and we spent our last morning together at Temple Debod, a 2200 years old Egyptian temple (please, memory, let this be correct). It was given as a present to Spain, so no, it wasn’t art theft. We had torrijas, which for you Dutch people is a Spanish version of the turnover-bitch (inside jokes, sorry), and for the English speakers it’s a French toast. And honestly, I think this morning provided the best picture of this trip.




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