Not so new anymore

As I continue to have new experiences, I also start to build somewhat of a routine. Of course, as much as is possible in the life of an Erasmus student. I’ve gone to the same supermarket twice. I’ve been eating at the same places twice. I’ve done the dishes more than twice. I know which rooms my classes are in and at what time they start. I feel like I’m actually living here. And that’s nice, because, you know, I am.

Anywho, doing the dishes is nothing new to you. As far as I know, you might have just come here to escape that pile building up in your sink. Luckily, I do keep trying new experiences.

One of these new experiences was doing some more exploring in Malasaña with my Spanish friend and one of her friends. We went to a bar and a restaurant and the food was so delicious. I’ll let you know the day I find a place here that’s not delicious.

Friday night I spontaneously went to the cinema to see Spotlight. Some of the trailers were in Spanish, so it was nervewrecking to see if the film would be in English! Luckily it was and I enjoyed the Spanish subtitles. After, I had café con leche (I say it in Spanish because I swear the coffee here is different, I actually like it) while sitting on this cute fluffy blanket at Plaza de Jacinto Benavente, which is actually in my favourite neighbourhood.


Last Saturday, I went to Museo del Prado. It’s not allowed to take pictures, which is a good thing, because you’ll just need to go and see with your own eyes. Personally, I fell in love with this museum even before I set my first step in there. I’ve read researches done by the Prado and was looking forward to paintings such as The Garden of Earthly Delights by ‘El Bosco’. Or as we might know him, Bosch. It turns out that they have many more famous paintings and unfinished paintings by Goya, which reveal the base colour he used. Also, it’s free for students. Always.

Then, on the 15th, I’d been here for a month! I didn’t even realise until the day was almost past.

The following days, I found out where the library is, I got my ESN card and I finally got my Spanish SIMcard. Now I don’t have to stress over expensive Dutch data anymore (which I totally didn’t use when I got lost btw).

And of course, these chores are rewarded by a night of fun: going to the Real Madrid Bar, where I drank a glass of sangria while looking out on the soccerfield.

IMG_20160219_124518.jpgPhoto by BeMadrid.
They definitely got my good side.

So even though I’ve been here for a month, there are still new experiences all around me. And I don’t think that you necessarily have to be in Madrid to find them… even though it certainly helps (;.

P.S.: Two of my Dutch friends arrived yesterday, so I will write about that next time!


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