First trip: Segovia

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Segovia is an amazing place not too far from Madrid. By ‘not too far’ I mean I accidentally took the highspeed train and I have no idea how far it would be if you didn’t act like the Queen of England.

One of the reasons it’s so amazing, is the architecture. It’s like an Introduction to Architecture: you begin with the Roman aquaducts,  move on to a Romanesque church, stumble upon a Synagogue on the way, fall in love with the last late Gothic church and top it all off with a castle.

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If you’re not convinced yet, the cochinillo should persuade you. It’s a delicious roasted pork recipe. As if Spanish cuisine wasn’t great enough yet. (Too bad I was too broke from the train).

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Even though I showed you a lot of pictures, I still didn’t show you half of it. So if you have time, either hit me up to watch the pictures with a glass of sangria, or go there and see for yourself.

P.S.: Some of the pictures here were taken by Dijana, who is from Croatia. So if you want great pictures like this, good luck!



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