First workshops

As I mentioned before, I’m here to learn. Yet, who says that the university is the only place to do so?


These are white and red sangria. I made them with two others and we were a dreamteam. The instructor said our red sangria was the best one (someone else got away with the best white sangria). I loved making them and they were fairly easy to make.

Red sangria:

  • Cut one apple and one orange in small pieces. Throw it in the jug and add cinnamon (broken in half). The smaller the pieces, the more surface area to give flavour. 
  • Add three spoons of sugar on top.
  • Pour the red wine (I had La Mancha, very cheap but very nice). Leave room for ice.
  • Get some rum in there.
  • Stir the ice cubes in.

White sangria:

  • Cut one pear and one lemon in small pieces and put them in the jug.
  • Add three spoons of sugar.
  • Pour the white wine.
  • Get some champagne (I had cava) in there.
  • Stir the ice cubes in.

Second red sangria:

  • Put the ice in the jug.
  • Pour in a layer of bitter lemon.
  • Add the red wine.

It’s that easy! Before you drink it, let the flavour get in there for a little while. Two hours would be nice, but as this was a workshop, we didn’t wait that long. Preferably, eat some tortilla de patatas on the side.

However, you’re all missing the teamwork, the fun and the laughs that the workshop provides you with. So if you’re around, look up BeMadrid and sign yourself up for their sangria workshop.


Earlier in the week, I went out for dinner before going to salsa classes. That’s right, I went to salsa classes. Jessica actually vlogged about this, so check that out here.

Besides doing workshops, I also did a lot of other activities. Here are some impressions:

Deze slideshow heeft JavaScript nodig.

Hopefully, you’ll be inspired to start learning new things, too!


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