First lectures

Never forget that I’m an Erasmus student. That means I’m actually studying… sometimes. Lucky me, I only have lectures on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. So I started my week like this:

IMG_20160125_002748 IMG_20160126_224729

The first was Sunday at The Good Burger, a place that, indeed, makes good burgers. Afterwards, we went for drinks at La Tita. It closed at 23:30 and I found out that everything stops early on Sunday. Which is like the only day the city goes to bed at a reasonable hour.

The second was on Tuesday, when I met up with the Spanish girl again. It was called Lazarran and they have really nice pinchos for €1 each. I went there on Thursday as well, before I went to the Erasmus party. Or at least, tried, because the line was too long.
(By the way, Tuesday was also the day I finally got my abono. It’s a travel pass for students which is only €20 per month, which is insane!)

Wednesday, it was finally time to go to my first lecture. I met up with an American boy at Sol, which made sure I wouldn’t be alone in trying to find the classroom. We followed Television Studies and the teacher is just amazing. She is stern, funny and enthusiastic! In the evening, I went to a Flamenco show and afterwards for drinks and dinner to Tragatapas.

On Thursday I had more classes and it was exhausting! I began with Documentary Videomaking, which seems challenging to me but fun! Then I had Media Landscape, which was hard to follow and at last, I had Film Criticism. I’m going to drop that one, as it is very repetitive of what I already had.

The last day I had Screenwriting for Cinema II and the teacher turns out to be kind of a star. He has won at least one Award and he works with all the famous (Spanish) actors. I’m excited to write my first screenplay! In the evening, it was time for a little fun again. I had a Spanish Dinner.

(Left: Photo from ESN UC3M)

Anyways, I guess I’m off to working on some of my homework now. Wish me luck!





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