First visit at University

On Wednesday 20th, it was time for the Welcome Day. I had to take the trains and surprisingly enough, I did everything right.

Being an Erasmus student, however, I was bound to mess some things up. So I did. I arrived too late and missed all the information. I got someone else’s Certificate of Arrival. On top of all that, my buddy wasn’t there. And still, I didn’t really care. I was at my University!


I got adopted by another buddy and I went for lunch with them. The next day, I went with one of them to get my Student Card at Getafe and sign up for ESN: Erasmus Student Network.

The next day, I enrolled in my courses online. It felt like trying to get tickets for a Madonna concert. None of my courses were ‘sold out’ though. At night, I went for drinks at La Catrina, a Mexican place. You know the place is good when it’s filled with actual Mexicans.

On Saturday I went for drinks again, this time with the ‘Media Girls’. I went to Le Fiebre, it’s a place with delicious cocktails, food and shisha. I also learned that shisha isn’t an actual Turkish word, who knew?

Anyways, it’s really nice to begin the Erasmus life. I learn people who struggle with the same, whatever it might be, like heavy suitcases or language barriers to pushy salespeople on the streets.


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