My first few strolls

Being in a new city requires a lot of walking. I found out that I’m quite good with maps and that my sense of direction is pretty reliable. Of course, I’m just asking to get lost now. The golden tip is just to know where you come from, which means to look over your shoulder every now and then (thanks for the advice, dad). This way you can’t really get lost, even if you don’t know where to get next. On my first stroll, I wanted to look for Malasaña. Instead, I found the Opera building.


I went back to Sol and came back on the other side of the square… So I tried the next street. I went with my newly acquired sense of direction. It was the right decision, because this time I found the street I had been looking for.


I ended up walking for two hours. Guess how long it took me to get back?

About 20 minutes, tops.

The Opera building was right in front of the Palacio Real. On my first stroll, I managed to stumble upon one of the biggest and most astonishing places in Madrid. But I didn’t know, so I went on to look for MalasañaSo, the next day, I explored that area and my stroll looked a little like this:



If you’re an Erasmus student, don’t worry about exercise. You’ll get it for free.


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