My first few days

The day of arrival is swamped with emotions. Anticipation, sadness, fear, hope and lots of adrenaline. Saying goodbye to those who you used to see weekly. Seeing the city from the airplane window. Arriving and trying to find the metro station. Getting my first metro ticket without anyone’s help. Transferring unto the train with a lot of help. Going above ground and seeing the famous Sol, with my heavily packed suitcase. Finding the streets. Trying to enter the building with the owner only speaking in Spanish. It was a wild day, but I managed to do it just fine. It’s a thrill that’s hard to describe.

The second day was amazing. I met up with a ‘local’ (even though I don’t know if anyone I’ve met was actually born in Madrid). I knew him through my friend in Japan: it’s funny how the world works sometimes. He showed me the city and most of all the good places to eat and drink. We went to Lateral and I had the most excellent foie ever and then the croquetas and don’t forget the tortilla de patatas. Even the beer was delicious and normally, I’m not much of a beer person. I’m so glad I tried the beer here. Then we went to El Corte Inglés, a department store with the nicest view ever.


There were so many impressions that I kind of forgot the chronology, but here is a sum of what I did next: visit the starting point of all roads of Madrid, drink cider at La Tita, visit Malasaña and eat baklava in Greekandshop. And I do remember the last restaurant, because it was Japanese and I ate okonomiyaki, which I did not expect to ever see again.

Yes, delicious food and drinks aren’t hard to come by here in Madrid.


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